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Best New Year’s Eve Parties 2019 Nightclubs London

Best New Year’s Eve Parties 2019 Nightclubs London
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The New Year’s Eve is going to be upon us in no time. Are you looking for a place in London where you can have the best time at the most anticipated and special day of the year? London is surely the place where you need to be on this very special day of your life.

We’re going to tell you about some of best New Year’s Eve parties 2019 in London nightclubs. We know how important is your NYE, there are a lot of expectations. London has so much variety, it has parties for every type of party goers. Let’s take you to some places where you can spend a mystifying New Year’s Eve.


drama london interior

Drama Park Lane is one of those exclusive nightclubs that outpaced all other nightclubs of London. The Drama stands first in the list of nightclubs which present the most amazing and wonderful ambiance for one of most dazzling New Year’s Eve parties in London. The drama was launched in 2015, it’s still pretty fresh news, but in just 3 years Drama is known to be one of the hottest night-out places in London city. Drama surprized it’s competitors on its first anniversary, by getting acknowledged as one of London’s best exclusive nightclubs.

In 2018 Drama won the “Best Sunday Club” Award along with Tom Eulenberg winning the “Up All-Night Award” at London Club and Bar Awards. If you want to spend your NYE at a mystifying place, in a magical environment then get a nice outfit and head down to experience New Year’s Eve party at Drama.


party at nightclubs london

This is the most unprecedented nightclub of London when it’s about the best New Year’s Eve parties of London First ever showclub of London city, never ceases to amaze the guests every time they visit. Presenting most indigenous acts with a lot of professional acrobats, breathtaking aerial acts, valiant fire breathers breathing fire, magicians and explicit dancers. Reign celebrates New Year’s Eve at another high and always meets the requirements of people.

The Reign ShowClub events are one of the most luxurious there are in London. Producing the most overwhelming parties in such environment followed by breathtaking interiors. They tend to puzzle the most intelligent minds of London city. An aerial showclub, jaw-dropping aerial acts, Moulin Rouge shows and wonderful people dancing there. Making it a blend of nightclub and circus, they present shows always unique in themselves. Reign’s consistently evolving stage production has allowed them to put a new show every time the guests visit. It’s a perfect place to hang out and also to celebrate special events. If you are a party freak then head down to have the party on New Year’s Eve at Reign Showclub.


tape london

Tape nightclub London is one of those newest additions to London’s nightlife scene that really hit it off in their very start. It is located in Hanover Square and this nightclub is one of the favorite spots of people to enjoy the night in Westminster.

The Tape nightclub is known to produce some of  London’s awesome NYE parties. This place is an incredible nightclub and is a recording studio too. With a member lounge for the members, The Tape aims to become the “home” to London’s great music industry. This nightclub offers an elegant and exclusive party experience with internationally renowned DJ’s attracting members of the music industry. Tape London brought an open and explicit concept that was never seen before in London nightclubs. The Tape London nightclub, inspired by Grammy award-winning producer Dallas Austin, is a 250-capacity nightclub with a full-sized stage for live performances. They say: Turn up, tune in, take over. We’ll meet you on the dance floor!
This time, there is a great tide of entertainment is coming on New Year’s Eve 2019 London at The Tape. By bringing you disco, glitz, glamour, channeling the Studio 54 vibe. Be ready for the biggest party London city has ever seen!


libertine vip table London

This is a very sophisticated and one of the most iconic nightspots in London launched by Chinawhite, called The Libertine London. The Libertine nightclub is one of those nightclubs, iconic to have amazing New Year’s Eve in London nightclub 2019. Libertine London is a futuristic club providing three different spaces, a molecular cocktail lounge named “Reason & Mankind”, perfect spot to start the evening. A new concept in the London nightlife scene. It once used to be an Asian-themed nightclub but it changed into a very sophisticated and futuristic venue, perfect for the VIP partygoers.
The Libertine nightclub has an extremely VIP private room behind a secret doorway, offering a discreet space for the privileged ones. This time, celebrate your New Year’s Eve 2019 at the infamous Libertine club London. Get yourself ready for some unforgettable London NYE parties at Libertine and we think that the team behind those will surprise you once again!

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