CIRCATRAZ Cirque le Soir Halloween Party London 2019
CIRCATRAZ Cirque le Soir Halloween Party London 2019
circatraz cirque le soir halloween party

CIRCATRAZ Cirque le Soir Halloween Party London 2019

Cirque le Soir presents… CIRCATRAZ: Halloween Party 2019. Get ready for the fright of the night! Cirque le Soir is hosting another exhilarating party this year. Halloween parties at Cirque le Soir London are well-known for its originality, definitely made for the thrill-seekers. Cirque Soho is back with the ultimate entertainment in Mayfair. Circatraz Cirque le soir Halloween Party will keep you dancing all night long.

Halloween must be celebrated in a big way. Therefore Cirque has limited access for guests with a guestlist cirque or table booking, taken much in advance. From October 28 to November 2, those who are brave enough can come and party in one of the most dangerous jail cells. For those who don’t know, the Cirque Le Soir is the most famous club in London with live burlesque entertainment. Awarded with “The best London nightclub” three consecutively years, the venue is continuously attracting affluent dwellers. Both high-end crowd and A-list celebrities, counting with the appearances of Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Paris Holton or Lindsay Lohan Cirque London know how to throw a party and how to satisfy its guests! 

circatraz cirque halloween party
circatraz cirque le soir

Cirque le Soir table and entry prices

For special events like Halloween, you should follow the Cirque Le Soir Dress Code to stand out and get easy access in the club. Cirque Le Soir Entry Price is £20 per person, both ladies and gents and Cirque le Soir guestlist are mandatory. However, as Halloween is one private event, Table booking Cirque is a priority for the venue. On 31st October VIP Cirque table booking starts from £2.5k, 1st and 2nd of November from £1.5k. Don’t hesitate to come and discover what’s happening behind the Circatraz bars, book your table with our Night Clubs London concierge for a scary and exciting night! 

As Halloween will last an entire week in the Cirque atmosphere, guests will be able to enjoy the Circatraz themed party to the fullest. Feel the Cirque la Monday fancy party, dance on the R&B rhythms with hype hope Wednesday, get naughty with Censored Cirque on Friday and end the week on a positive note with Saturday Cirque. Book a table with us now and let our managers arrange your special night right now!

circatraz cirque halloween bookings London
cirque halloween
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