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Maddox Nightclub VIP Tables booking and Guestlist.

VIP Tables, leather coves which frame the room as the lighting and sound create an enchanting atmosphere, that’s Maddox! With the best professional team and service behind, guests are always pleased with the treat provided. Private events can also be organized here.

Being one of the most popular celebrity clubs in London, Maddox definitely stands out. Maddox is always crowded with countless famous faces grace its VIP rooms. The VIP tables and bottle service will be well worth your night since the crowd full of famous celebrities. Beyoncé, Jay Z and Paris Hilton were just a few celebrities which have trusted Maddox for a perfect night.

Even if you do not reserve a table for the night, remember that the Maddox Club is a strictly guestlist only venue. so be on the guest list or you’re going home. This level of exclusivity may not sit well with some people, but it is really necessary to keep the energy up and the atmosphere high quality. Depending on who you are, ladies can even go in for free if they arrive early, or even get free drinks. Because of its reliable guest list and Table Booking service, Maddox is the perfect place to be keeping energy high and music great.

Maddox London keeps open late into the night, unlike some younger clubs that may want to close earlier. If you are a night owl, this is a perfect place for you. You don’t have to go home just as the party is getting started, rather, you can stay most of the night, among like-minded, fun-seeking people.

Life is a party, dress like it & come to Maddox

Resident DJ’s as well as international artists frequent the amazing Maddox Club. The  DJ booth which holds a superior placement on the Main Room floor. The music is boasting a mix of commercial, RnB, house and tech/deep house music. Guests who reserve a table will receive an extensive list of premium spirits and champagne to carry the night through.

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