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The Box

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The Box Nightclub London is the most mysterious nightclub in London. It is infamously provocative and sexually open, not for the narrow-minded kind. The celebrities including The Royals frequently visited TheBox.

It is one of the most private clubs in London and entry is exceptionally tough and Table Booking starts from £2000. The club’s infamous Friday nights will leave you amazed by its cast’s explicit representations.  The box events leaves you to fascinated, hypnotized and, at the same time, craving for some more.

The true attraction of The Box in New York are the shows.The Box loves to push the limits, staying just within the boundaries of what is classy, miles away from what is conventional.

Expect lots of cabaret and pole dancing. However, the real treats are the naked dancers, drag acts, people using their bodies as musical instruments, a general fun, sensual performers. Never a dull moment!

Not all the shows at The Box club are over the top, or even sexual, though. They also welcome a wide variety, some alternative performers  from indie artists to ballet dancers. Accommodated by the 70s and urban music, the club has the extraordinary flavor of entertainment in comparison to other clubs in the city. All the photographic and recording devices are prohibited from the clubs to safeguard its mystic charisma.

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The dress code is much more flexible than the code at more conventional or mainstream clubs. However, make sure your look is glamorous and perfect for the club. Distressed clothes are fine, so long as they look expensive. You should bring your ID and your best attitude for a night to remember!

To sum up, you can’t expect to get in on the day or a particularly amazing show advertised. Instead, make sure to make a reservation and Book a VIP Table with us!


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