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Toy Room

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Toy Room Nightclub is the latest London celebrity hot spot and is far from the ordinary. With room for four hundred clubbers, it’s bringing back an old school intimate environment to the nightlife capital of London.

Secretly nestled within the vaults of the London Palladium, this versatile and unique space is the ultimate venue to host your celebration. In other words, the place is available for both full and part hire. For instance, Toy Room is able to accommodate up to 415 people with ease.

The design takes visual and stylistic cues from a mix of suggestive sources. You will find iconic children’s toys, fictional characters, comic book illustrations and contemporary popular media. Toy Room is quite ‘Frankly’ an exclusive haunt for the arts, fashion and celebrities set in the heart of West End. You can get on Toy Room guestlist through Us.

Because of its exclusive vibe, this venue enforces a strict door selection procedure. Table booking policies and the Toy Room entry price are some of the things you need to be aware if you want to spend a fantastic night at this subterranean hangout. However, The Toy Room dress code is quite strict too.

Toy Room opens  every Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays. Ladies who arrive early are given free entry, otherwise, they need to pay the standard entry price. Everyone must bring an identification proof since the doorman might ask for it. You must also keep in mind that the venue reserves all the rights to refuse entry. Don’t feel hesitation to book white room for private dinner.

With Toy Room’s lavish design and chic late-night partying scene, you can be assured that the Toy Room Entry Fee is definitely worth the fare. The Toy Room Bottle Prices are equally impressive. They offer a wide selection of cocktails and liquors for your drinking pleasure. Get dressed, book your VIP table and let’s get it started!



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