Drama VIP Guestlist
Drama VIP Guestlist
drama guestlist london

Drama VIP Guestlist

No Club Drama is a very popular nightclub in London itself. Drama Guestlist is a high-end clubbing experience for those who live for the night. The club is very hard to get into and you will have to wait a while for entry unless you happen to be on the Drama VIP Guestlist.

First of all, Drama is a very popular club amongst young Londoners and foreigners. For anyone who wants to be seen in the London nightlife pages and rub shoulders with the city’s elite then this is the place to go. Located in London’s high-end Park Lane area, Club
Drama is fairly easy to locate. Set on Hertford Street, Mayfair. You can easily access the club via taxi; almost everyone in the city is aware of where the club is.

The club has a delicious drinks menu and their music is always loud. At the same times, The DJ plays crowd favourites songs. The crazy vibes are mixing with great beats which you probably have not heard before but will love.

Furthermore, Drama also hosts international superstars such as singer Rihanna, Winnie Harlow and Lindsay Lohan, amongst others. The club is known to hosts amazing parties which are talked about for days. If you happen to get invited to one of the parties at Drama, then you will be guaranteed a night of madness.

The bottle service at Club Drama is pretty standard. Premium drinks can cost over 1000 pounds per bottle but standard drinks are comparatively much cheaper. But overall, the prices are pretty high so if you think you cannot foot the big bill you might get, then bottle service might not be a good idea for you.



drama guestlist

Drama or nada! Dress to impress!

Like most night clubs in London, Drama also has certain policies before they are let in. Gentlemen should wear a smart & elegant look. Ladies can wear their favourite cocktail dress with their best heels.

Finally, make sure you will book your Drama Park Lane VIP Guestlist in advance so you can enjoy Drama experience to the fullest!

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