Nightclubs Reopened In London. New Covid Rules You Have To Follow
Nightclubs Reopened In London. New Covid Rules You Have To Follow
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Nightclubs Reopened In London. New Covid Rules You Have To Follow

As a part of the government’s unlocking plan, nightlife reopened in London without social distancing or capacity limits because the country enters the fourth and end of its route out of lockdown.

Nightclubs have finally reopened their doors for the primary time since March last year, as covid restrictions were lifted on July 19.

The late-night venues are particularly suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic, and are left because the only sort of cultural venues not allowed at any point since lockdown first began.

A large number of nightclubs held special opening parties last night, opening their doors because the restrictions were lifted in the dark .

Here’s what to expect as we make our long-awaited return to the dancefloor.

Jason Derulo At Reign

Jason Derulo At Reign London

What rules do nightclubs need to follow?

Both venues and clubbers had been anxiously awaiting the Government’s announcement on the lifting of restrictions to ascertain whether additional measures could be applied to nightclubs after July 19.

As it stands, nightclubs won’t be required by law to enforce social distancing, mask wearing or any obligatory use of Covid tests or vaccine passports for patrons .

However, the govt has urged – but not demanded – nightclubs to use Covid-status certification. The scheme, which has already been trialled at some events, asks attendees to prove either that they’ve been double-vaccinated, have recently tested negative for Covid, or have innate immunity .

Speaking at a Downing Street briefing, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that his Government would be asking nightclubs to heed their guidance “as a matter of social responsibility”.

people enjoying party at cirque

enjoying party at cirque

Nightclubs you have to visit in London

Cirque le Soir:

Cirque le Soir London NightClub is the most thrilling clubbing brand in the world. From Vip clients to starling entertainment, this will be the most amazing night out of your life. Cirque club is renowned for its shocking and monstrous acts, best VIP Clients and unforgettable parties. Click here to book your table right now!

London Reign Showclub:

London Reign Showclub is one of the most exclusive nightclubs that opened in London in 2017. Reign has an incredible exquisite interior design built to impress, its location is right next to Piccadilly Circus. London’s elite partgoers are more demanding to high-end nightclubs. However, Reign VIP table booking club fit the bill with a unique premise of being London’s first ‘Showclub’. Click here to book your table right now!

Scandal London:

Scandal Nightclub London opened in September 2017 where the former Project club was situated. The nightclub has a capacity of 350 people with 25 VIP Tables. Click here to book your table right now!

Click here to get the full list of exotic nightclubs in London.

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How has the industry reacted?

The news of reopening has been welcomed by the already dark Industries Association (NTIA), which said that the choice to reopen nightclubs from July 19 was “the correct one”.

Michael Kill, CEO of the NTIA, said: “After 16 months of crippling restrictions, businesses within the already dark economy are able to play our part within the safe reopening of society. Today should mark the start of nightlife’s long journey to rebuild itself.”

However, a majority of London nightclub operators insisted they might ignore guidance to introduce “covid passport” checks.

Carlo Carello, co-founder and owner of Raffles nightclub in Chelsea, said they might not be making checks on the door as they’re not mandatory.

He said: “We won’t be checking as it’s not a requirement for us. It’s all about trying to urge back within the flow. Enough is enough, the last delay from June to July cost us tens of thousands of pounds because we were all ready then it had been snatched faraway from us. Now we’d like to require every penny we will .

“The practicality of all those checks outside is prohibitive and that i am not convinced they serve any useful purpose. we’ve many safety measures in situ and that we ID scan all our guests anyway, so we all know who is within the building.

Michael Kill, chief executive of the already dark Industries Association, said: ”We have always been against passports, the impact of it’s disproportionate and it might decimate the industry. tons of the purchasers of our members are against it and since of their age bracket many haven’t been double vaccinated, in order that is another barrier.

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