Octavian at Cirque le Soir London – La Monday Party
Octavian at Cirque le Soir London – La Monday Party
octavian at cirque le soir london

Octavian at Cirque le Soir London – La Monday Party

Octavian at Cirque le Soir London is one of the most outrageous and exclusive nights out in London, so it is no surprise you’ll catch some celebrities partying here throughout the week.

However, it wasn’t Octavian’s first appearance at Monday Cirque Guestlist.

octavian at cirque

Octavian is known for his versatility, mixing genres such as a house, dancehall, rap, RnB, Hip Hop and grime. ‘Party Here’ and ‘Hands’, combined the different genres that influence him. Octavian creativity made him later visible on Drake’s vision. His song ‘Bet’ is more frank than any other one. However, it made him noticed and in the UK and overseas. Octavian sang along Skepta their catchy tune on the Cirque center-stage, dancing and creating a fantastic atmosphere at.

VIP guests had their Cirque table booking in advance with our Night Clubs London concierge managers. They’ve enjoyed at the maximum the remarkable and outrageous performance on La Monday Cirque le Soir. Besides, we take care of the bottle prices and inform you about the Cirque door policy.

la monday party

As you would expect in this exclusive venues, the dress code is always strict, ladies should come with cocktail dresses, their best heels, while gentlemen need a smart & elegant suit or outfit.

Start your week with the astonishing “La Monday” party just with VIP Cirque Table , the hottest dancers and circus freaks. No other club night brings you more glamour, opulence and extravagance than Cirque Monday nights!

Contact us for your table bookings and join the Cirque London nightlife!

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