Over 80 percent of nightclubs won’t survive the Pandemic

Research showed that over 80 percent of nightclubs won’t survive the Pandemic. The UK clubbing scene is on the brink of “extinction” with the overwhelming majority of venues unlikely to survive past the top of the month without government support, the industry has warned.   A damning report released by the already dark Industries Association (NTIA) today laid bare the…

How Will Covid19 Affect The Nightlife In London

There was a huge effect of covid19 on nightlife in London. On any Saturday night, there would be hefty-looking bouncers standing outside the door of the Phonox nightclub in Brixton, south London. A queue of early clubbers could be forming, gut-vibrating music revving up within. Instead, on this March evening, the shutters are down, and not a thump is often…

Which Nightclubs Are Reopened In London

lubs are Re-Opened in London All clubs have closed during the outbreak of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 worldwide. Some of the clubs reopened in London in past few months. Since March 2020 everyone has been asking an equivalent question “When will nightclubs open again?”, some venues have opened only to be packed up again so here are a number of the newest…

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