This Week On Cirque le Soir London
This Week On Cirque le Soir London
this week on cirque le soir London

This Week On Cirque le Soir London

Cirque le Soir is undoubtedly London’s most famous and finest nightclub for years. From the venue to the interior the club is the embodiment of lavishness. The clientele of club is all A-list celebrities from musical artists to supermodel, Hollywood stars and world-renowned athletes.


15-21 Ganton Street Soho London W1F 9BN

Tube Oxford Circus
Opening time 11:00 PM
Music RnB, Hip Hop
Dress Code Smart and Elegant
Age Restriction 18+

This week on cirque le soir London entertain its warm crowd with sensational parties La Monday, Hype Hop Wednesday, Censored Friday, Bordel Satruday.


Cirque le Soir starts its week with Monday parties. Start your week than at London’s most unconventional and wild party. You are in for the weeks of twist the theme and surprise you with its peculiar parties and performers as the club twist the theme on a regular basis.

la monday cirque le Soir
la monday performance


Hype Hop is the Cirque le Soir’s award-winning Hip-Hop party Night. It is also the most renowned party that the club host.

girls at hype hop party at cirque le soir
girls in hype hop party


The staple Friday night on Cirque le Soir, censored Friday takes you to the freak spectacle that will kick-start your Weekend. The circus-themed party is not for the prude or hesitant.

censored friday at cirque le soir
performer at censored friday


A twisted night that has just made its comeback to Cirque le Soir on guests’ demand and it is here to stay. With the circus theme parties, the bordel is much more than that. Every Saturday you can expect to see snake charmers, dwarfs, illusionists and acrobats to add to the sight that is Cirque le Soir.

performer at bordel cirque le soir

Contact us via email or WhatsApp/Call us at +44 7983 236949 and enjoy the Cirque nightlife.

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