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VIP Guests at Cirque Le Soir

VIP Guests at Cirque Le Soir

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Cirque le Soir London is a unique and special nightclub, famous in London city. Providing outrageous and most crazy parties, creating an astounding ambiance that shocks the lovely guests and puts them on their toes. There’s a lovely list of VIP Guests at Cirque le Soir, we love and praise our celebrities and Cirque London is loved by them. Celebrities like Rihanna, Drake, Usain bolt have liked the taste of Cirque le Soir.

This most exclusive club is for Richie Rich of town. Therefore, entry is not an easy process. There are rules, which if followed access becomes easy.

Tables start from £2000 minimum spend for a mixed group of 10.

By Richie Rich, we not only mean rich people, but Cirque London is proud to be the host of celebrities, Cirque le Soir VIP Guests, like Rihanna, Drake and Usain Bolt to name few.

If you haven’t been at Cirque le Soir, if you don’t know, don’t worry! Get on Guestlist and let us be your host for a night. We are sure that we will make you love this place.

For more info about guest lists and VIP table booking at Cirque le Soir London contact us at +44 (0)77 2299 9980 or follow our website.

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