VIP Table Booking At Luxx Club London 2021
VIP Table Booking At Luxx Club London 2021
Vip table booking at luxx club london

VIP Table Booking At Luxx Club London 2021

One of the newest nightclubs in London is the famous Luxx Club. Even if it can sometimes be difficult to get a Luxx booking, we have the perfect tips which can help you get a reservation for Luxx guestlist or a VIP table booking at Luxx. You can easily check on our page all  Luxx entry prices or, get in touch with our concierge for a personalised treatment and excellent service.

If you are struggling to get a VIP table, feel free to check out all the info you need, from Luxx bottle menu and bottle prices. Make a reservation or hire the place for launch parties, special events, holidays and much more. Contact our Night Clubs London concierge and leave everything in their hands for a unique, yet unforgettable night out.

table booking at luxx club

Luxx Dress Code:

Luxx is well-known for its reputation as one of the most exclusive clubs, by bringing top artists, international celebrities and crowd. Therefore, you should be aware of every detail before showing up to the venue.

Ladies dress code: 

  • High-heels 
  • Stunning makeup
  • Elegant look, ideally cocktail dresses
  • Preferably black outfit 

Gents dress code:

  • Elegant shoes 
  • Ideally all-black suit or very smart outfit 
  • Appropriate attitude is required
table booking at luxx

Opening days & Time:

For all the Luxx guests, the club is open from Thursday to Saturday. Doors open from 11 pm to 3:30. The best days to join our Luxx guestlist are during the weekend. For a reliable table booking, you should consider contacting our promoters. They will take care of your table and all the details,to give you the best experience in the most luxurious setting in the city.

Nevertheless, table bookings and Luxx guest are mandatory in order to get in. Night Clubs London arranges guestlist and book tables at Luxx Club London every day. As door selection is an important point, please bring your best outfit and look. 

Come and join us for one fresh venue, where you can book the best guest lists and reserve VIP tables. Luxx entry can be book through us by phone call, texts or by email at

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