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VIP Tape London

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VIP Tape London Nightclub is an exclusive club and famous in London city. With the history of hosting most crazy and outrageous parties. This club is a place for VIPs, rich, famous and fabulous people. Full of mystery  Parties and luxurious  club events. The tape is known as the home of London’s music industry, you’ll enjoy a totally unique atmosphere inspired by Grammy award-winning producer Dallas Austin.

Dress code: smart and elegant

Address: 17 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HU

Tube/Rail: Oxford Circus

Capacity: 250 people

Times and Opening days: Tue, Thu-Sat: 10:00PM-3:00AM

Age restriction: 18+

Crowd: Londoners, east European attractive people, 20s to 32s

Music: Commerical Dance, HipHop, R&B, House

Don’t miss the most amazing night out of London just because you don’t know! If you don’t know, don’t worry ?

It’s not easy to gain access to the best Tape parties offer, you have to be on VIP guestlist. Once you’re on! You will experience a wonderful ambiance at the selective venue.

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Tape London is a place only for rich and famous. For VIP guests who like to party like no other does.

Great music, Marvel people and an extended list of cocktails. There is so much that you haven’t experienced before. So our reputation is enough to tell you that you’re never going to find better than Tape London. Looking for a burlesque environment, this club is a must-visit the place.

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You can get access  if you’re on Tape VIP guestlist and have booked Tape VIP table.

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